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This is the fiction archive of wiccagirl24. Wicca likes to play in many different fandoms. NCIS and CSI are the biggest ones, but she also writes for Doctor Who (mostly Seven and Ace) House, Hustle, Buffy, Doctor Who, Crossing Jordan, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. She's dabbled in The West Wing, Without a Trace, Firefly and Torchwood.

Wicca has a fondness for older man/younger woman pairings, some of her favorites being Giles/Buffy, Grissom/Sara, House/Cam, Gibbs/Abby, Ducky/Abby, Albie/Stacie, Garret/Lily, Jack/Sam, Seven/Ace. Apparently she likes the letter G (Gibbs, Giles, Garret, Grissom...) She also likes writing about the 'odd man out,' some of her very favorite characters being Brass, Ducky, Ash, and Giles.

None of the shows written about or characters contained within belong to Wicca in any way. She is not profiting in any manner from the use of these shows/characters.

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